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Subject: Exploring TannerThe following story contains graphic sexual scenes two teen males. If
material of this nature offends you then you should not read this story.
Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states you are not
allowed to read this story by law.This story is free lolita sex videos purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to person's living
or dead, or to events that may have occurred, is purely coincidental.
The author claims all copyrights to this story and no duplication or
publication of this story is allowed, except 100 lolitas free pics by the web sites to which it
has been posted, without the consent of the author.
Exploring Tanner There I sat in my chair during Algebra, looking at the clock. It was 3:00,
only 10 minutes and it was time for basketball practice. I never really
liked basketball, but I loved showering with the guys afterwards. I had
finally convinced my self I was gay one year ago, when I was 13. I'm 14
now, but I'm still hiding my secret. Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Dexter; I am bout 6'0"
tall and weigh 155lbs. I have a very muscular body and love hanging out in
the weight room. I am a freshman in high school, and I'm one of the
"jocks". That is part of the reason I haven't told anyone my secret, I
don't want to lose the reputation I have. 3:08..3:09...3:10 The bell sounded signaling the end of 8th period and I
ran out to my locker. I threw may books in and grabbed my basketball
things and went up to the locker room where we would change. I always tried
to get there first so I could watch the other guys change, especially
Tanner. Tanner was a fellow jock and was hot as hell. He was also one of
my better friends, I don't think he had any idea I was gay. I heard the
door to the locker room opening and in walked Tanner."Fuck, I hate practice, four months...it's getting so damn boring." He said
to me as he walked into the locker room."Yeah man, I know how you feel." I repliedWe talked about that day at school and made small chat as we changed. When
I looked over my should I saw Tanner slipping off his boxers and I got a
glimpse of his nice soft cut cock hanging between his legs. He didn't see
me looking, but I sure was starring. We got changed and went into the gym
and started practice. Our team had about 12 guys and we weren't that bad.
It was a grueling practice, just like every other one. We ran, shot, and
drilled until we were exhausted."All right boys, hit the showers!" The coach bellowed out lastAs Tanner and me were leaving the coach yelled that he wanted us in preteen kiss lola bbs
office immediately. We did as he said and went into his office, even before
we took a shower. He gave us a lecture about how we had to be prepped for
our up coming game against the Blackhawks. He said that we had to hold the
team on our shoulders. We just nodded."Alright boys, that's all, you may go"We left the coaches office and headed for the locker room, when we went in
the place was completely empty. I was stunned...I would be in the shower
with Tanner, alone. We undressed and wrapped our towels around our bodies
and headed for the shower room. We have a nude sweet little lolitas fairly big shower room and I
headed a little ways away from Tanner. I didn't want to make it obvious
that I wanted him. I glanced over at Tanner and saw him massaging soap onto
his dick, I wanted to look away but couldn't. I just sat there, transfixed
on his awesome tool."You like what you see?" I heard"Uh..uh..What the hell are you talking about?" I shot back"To me it looks like you are pearl lolitas preteens naked really enjoying this." Tanner said pointing at
my cockI looked down and saw my 6.5-inch tool sticking straight out, and covered
myself up. When I looked at Tanner I saw a smile on lolita nymphet fuck galleries
his face and him
rubbing his cock. He started walking towards me with a smile on his face.
We were nose to nose and he laid his lips on mine and grabbed the back of my
head. I returned the kiss and slid my tongue into his mouth; there was no
turning back now. We kissed for what seemed like forever under that hot
water. Tanner finally broke the kiss and smiled at me."Dexter, I'm gay." Tanner said"I want you Tanner. I've wanted you for a year now." I repliedTanner just smiled and started kissing down my chest; he worked his tongue
to my nipples and nibbled on them. I was in complete ecstasy. He kept
licking down until he reached my cock. He licked my balls and took them
into his mouth rolling them around. He licked his way up my shaft and put
the mushroom head into his mouth and began to suck. I started to fuck his
face faster and harder. Pretty soon he was taking in my whole cock as I
fucked his face."Fuck Tanner, that feels so damn good." I managed to moan outTanner just kept sucking harder and faster."Fuck dude, I'm cumming!!" I yelledHe didn't take his face off my cock, he just swallowed all my cum. It was
the most cum I had ever shot and he couldn't keep it all in his mouth, some
started to leak out the sides of his mouth. He came back up to face level
and we kissed again, and I could taste my own sweet cum. It was salty, yet
satisfying. I whispered into Tanners ear 'Fuck me'.He took his 7-inch tool and started to massage it and told me to get out of
the showers and meet him at a bench in the locker room. I listened and went
out to dry off. I went to the bench and he followed minutes later, went to
his bag, and pulled out a tube. He sat me down on the bench and squeezed
some lube of the tube he had. He massaged it all over his cock, and then
into my virgin ass hole with two fingers. I moaned as his fingers went
into my ass.He took my legs and placed them onto his shoulders and placed his cock at my
ass hole. He started to push in, it hurt like hell but I wanted more. He
started to fuck me harder and faster. My cock was hard again and I started
to jack off. The feeling of Tanner's cock in my ass was amazing. We both
moaned as he fucked me."Oh fuck yeah Tanner, harder!" I groaned"Oh yes Dexter..Fucking nice tight ass, yes baby" He managed to get out just
as he came into my ass.I felt jets of cum shooting up into my ass, as soon as what felt like 10
shots of cum came out of his cock he went down on my ass with his face, and
began eating his own cum out. This was too much for me and I came all over
my chest and used my fingers to lick it all up. Tanner came up, and just
smiled at me. I knew now that me and Tanner would be friends, for a very
long time.
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